Join us on March 4th for An Evening to Remember:

Welcome to OFFA’s Fourth Annual International Women’s Day Film Event – we are ready to shine a spotlight on the accomplishments of Canadian women in the Film and Arts world.

Everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy a VIP Ticket experience that includes: a Mood-ivational emcee, in-person musical performances, popcorn, beverages, complimentary signed books for the first 50 tickets purchased, 50/50 Draw, and door prizes. PLUS, a virtual live Q&A with Canadian filmmaker, acclaimed author, and adventurer Dianne Whelan.

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OFFA is proud to host an inspirational, entertaining, awareness-raising and fun local event in honour of International Women’s Day 2024! Guest emcee and Oakvillian Carole Bertuzzi-Luciani will host the evening once again, along with special live musical performances by award-winning singer/songwriter Sydney Mae, and a BIG Drum presentation by Grandmother’s Voice and Butterfly Spirit Drum Circle of Women. Drummers include Josie Lavalley, Jenn Luxmore-Begin and Jody Harbour.

OFFA is excited to curate an exceptional Canadian, critically acclaimed documentary that highlights issues related to conservation, climate change, diversity and one women’s unscripted personal journey across the breathtaking country called CANADA.

Partial proceeds from this years’ ticket sales will be donated to:

The Women’s Centre of Halton, an important community partner for women who are experiencing crisis or distress, or who are in transition. The Women’s Centre of Halton is a safe place for all women to find personal empowerment.

Community Partners:

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Our featured documentary is 500 Days in the Wild, from Award-winning director and cinematographer, photographer and author Dianne Whelan, who is the only person to complete this epic journey of discovery—hiking, biking, paddling, snowshoeing and skiing across the country. Dianne ended this journey a bit wiser, more hopeful, in love and with a passion to share her story. For a woman in her 50s who is not an extreme athlete, it was sometimes gruelling, occasionally harrowing, often exhilarating and always surprising. She started out alone, disillusioned with the state of the world and worried about climate change, to look for different ways of caring for the land and each other.  A virtual live Q&A will accompany the screening.

In addition, with the purchase of a VIP Ticket to the event, the FIRST 50 ticket purchasers will also receive a free, signed  copy of one of Dianne’s books, either The Vanishing Land: A Woman’s Journey to the Canadian Arctic, or Base Camp: 40 Days on Everest.


6:15 PM: WELCOME – CHECK IN. Popcorn and Beverages offered at concession, BIG Drum Presentation, Meet & Greet, 50-50 Draw, and photo opportunities in front lobby

6:30 PM: Theatre One doors open – find your seat(s) and settle in

7:00 PM: Emcees opening monologue, guest speakers, door prizes, followed by Live musical performance in-theatre

7:30 PM: Featured Film – 500 Days In the Wild

9:15 PM: Virtual Live Q&A with Dianne Whelan

9:45 PM: 50-50 Draw Winner Announced – Closing comments

10:00 PM: Event end

Enjoy Live Music & Mood-ivational Message!

An uplifting monologue, a live interactive instrumental presentation and an acoustic musical performance will compliment this year’s IWD Film!

Enjoy a VIP Experience

You can purchase a VIP ticket for $34.99 (+ taxes), with partial proceeds going to The Women’s Centre of Halton.

Your ticket  includes:

  • wine and/or beer
  • large popcorn and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Performances, screening, Q&A, door prizes, and an autographed book (first 50 tickets purchased only)
  • 20% off OFFA’S limited edition VIP Festival Pass for the June 2024 Festival which includes all GALA screenings, parties, and early access to film list and bookings. A code for this early bird discount will be emailed to you following the event.

Film Fan Tickets

A limited number of regular tickets (these tickets do not include access to the free book signed by Dianne Whelan, nor do they include popcorn and beverages) and can be purchased for $22.99(+ taxes)

And include the following:

  • Musical performances, screening, Q&A,door prizes.


Carole Bertuzzi Luciani


Carole is a long time resident and volunteer of Oakville, wife, mother of three grown children and grandchildren.  She has spoken to hundreds of thousands of North Americans during her 35 + year career as a professional speaker. Although her topic range is varied, her style remains consistent. She delivers important and usable life lessons in an entertaining manner through the creative use of props, sharing anecdotes and high energy. Regardless of the message, Carole sprinkles each with a taste of her humorous perspective.  As a speaker, she has been described as motivational, inspirational, entertaining and fun thus describing herself as ‘Moodivational.’ You can’t help but ‘get the message’ while you are enjoying yourself … the learning is painless. Her goal is for you to leave her session feeling better than you did when you walked in … invigorated, enthused and excited to glean the upbeat and uplifting elements of life. Carole is equally excited about being a part of our big event … with the added bonus of being able to enjoy her favourite popcorn ~!!~


Sydney Mae

Singer/Songwriter/Award-Winning Performing Artist

Sydney Mae is an award-winning Pop/Adult Pop recording and performing artist based in Toronto. She has been recognized internationally for her gift of superior storytelling and room-silencing vocals that draw you in to see the world through her eyes. Originally from Calgary, Mae’s contemporary musical influences include Maggie Rogers, Donovan Woods, JP Saxe & Léon, to name a few. “My music has always come from a place of deep self-awareness and learning.” explains Mae. “There’s something within me that is desperate to explore the human experience, and when others see themselves in my lyrics, it’s truly still a bizarre experience. I have a mountain of gratitude for that special connection.” Her new EP, Rhythm (Oct 2023), is carefully driven by themes of self-compassion & resilience. “Each of these songs was written from a lesson that brought me a little bit closer to finding and honoring a deeper connection (or rhythm) with myself before anyone or anything else,” explains Mae.

Grandmothers Voice & Butterfly Spirit Drumming Circle

Live BIG drum performance by Jody Harbour, Josie Lavalley, and Jenn Luxmore-Begin

Grandmother’s Voice is a visionary Indigenous organization that aims to unite Indigenous voices while extending a warm invitation to individuals from all directions.
With deep reverence for the timeless wisdom carried by Grandmothers, we endeavor to be a source of healing and unity within communities.

Our mission is to revive and amplify these Ancestral insights and values, nurturing them for generations to come. We extend our hand to individuals, corporations, and organizations across the public, private, and non-profit sectors, inviting them to join us in embracing the teachings of Indigenous Ancestors, Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Through this collaboration, we aspire to craft a tapestry of HOPE, HEART, and Healing that envelops all.




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