Films to See: “Memoria”

Memoria“Memoria” is an authentic, emotionally charged portrayal of youth struggling and faltering on the journey to manhood. Ivan (Sam Dillon) clings to faint memories of the father who long ago abandoned him and his mother. He is on that precipice of youth where confusion and desires mix with contempt for teachers, unwanted virginity, and the banalities of hanging out with slacker friends. His gentle nature has been moulded by his dysfunctional home life to cause him to hold his anger inside. So when a caring teacher (James Franco) offers help, Ivan responds in the only way he knows – by pushing away. When he finally lashes out, he’s incapable of hurting anyone but himself.

Why You Might Like “Memoria”

“Memoria” will show you something of yourself or of people you knew while growing up. If you’re well past your teen years, you’ll reflect on that time of life with renewed appreciation for its struggles. For cinephiles, “Memoria” offers a style of realism and artistry reminiscent of the New Hollywood movement of the ‘70’s when young, creative filmmakers overcame low budgets to make raw, passionate films. This is a film you will not soon forget. You can see the trailer and buy tickets for “Memoria” here.

Written by Cathleen MacDonald.  Cathleen MacDonald is a writer and filmmaker.

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