Festival 2022 – FAQ

We are thrilled to have you join Oakville Festivals of Film and Art to enjoy one our screenings! OFFA is pleased to support local, Canadian, and international film, and  celebrate our community, our audience, and our many partners and sponsors. We are pleased to be able to offer hybrid events, both live and virtual, for 2022. Our 2022 Oakville Film Festival is from 22nd June to 28th June, and is hybrid, which means you can purchase tickets to live screenings, or virtual screenings, where available. While most screenings are available live, not everything is available on our virtual platform. And a few screenings are only available on our virtual platform.  Each film page will include details on ways to view the films.

We understand that you may have some questions related to either our digital screenings, or our live screenings, and have tried to anticipate some of them here. For all other queries, please reach out to us at contact@offa.ca.

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