Whether you are looking to reach our thousands of festival attendees and your desired demographic or provide your employees and customers with red-carpet film festival experience, OFFA can help you achieve your objectives and amplify your brand visibility. Perhaps your interest is in OFFA’s industry partners, film industry professionals or our community partners, we pride ourselves on offering partners sponsorship programs at various sponsor levels or a fully tailored opportunity designed to meet your community engagement, branding, and marketing objectives.

OFFA offers sponsors and partners the opportunity to receive additional marketing benefits throughout the year through a variety of events, promotions, and campaigns in addition to our annual film festival and red-carpet events. There are many opportunities awaiting you aimed to enhancing your brand connect with our audience including: Audience Choice Award, Galas attended by 450+ people, Industry Summit, screening series, family events and so much more.

We are creative, results focused and committed to our partner relationships. OFFA receives unprecedented media attention with a quickly growing reach of over 6 million followers. The 2023 festival was attended by over 240 well-known directors, actors, and other filmmakers from Canada and around the world, over half participated in our Industry Summit which is in its 6th year.

Top Reasons to Partner With

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Multiple opportunities for audience and community engagement
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Enjoy customized sponsor benefits that address your needs and goals
Artboard 3sponsorship
Amplify your brand visibility and awareness
Artboard 4sponsorship
Connect with your desired audience
Artboard 5sponsorship
Connect with Industry delegates and stakeholders, filmmakers and cast
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Corporate entertainment opportunities and experiential marketing










2024 OFFA Partner/Sponsor Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Oakville Festivals of Film & Art (OFFA). We are excited for this year’s festival and our year-round programming.

Being a sponsor of OFFA Festival and/or our year-round programming provides a powerful opportunity to showcase your brand, amplify your visibility, connect with your desired audience and build relationships with film maker industry, the community and other businesses. With a range of opportunities to engage in different OFFA activities and activations we are able to tailor your involvement to align with your values, needs and marketing objectives. Whether you choose from OFFA’s pre-packaged options or work with us on your tailored and customized approach, there will be many benefits extended to you in support of your objectives.

Please submit your inquiry below by answering the questions and our team will be in touch with you in the next couple of days to set up a call.If you are looking to be one of our event prize partners, or donate to the fundraising efforts of OFFA (we are a nonprofit agency) or our community partners, Please contact our team at: contact@offa.ca

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