PopUp Shorts


PopUp Shorts brings cinema out of the theatre and into public spaces. This family-friendly exhibit will present a continuous reel of 14 award-winning short films by local filmmakers. Viewers can drop by any time to enjoy the animation, music videos, dramas, and documentaries. Several filmmakers will attend to discuss their work.

Date & Times

Saturday May 4
10AM to 9PM
6PM to 9PM: Special Screening with popcorn & filmmakers in attendance for a Q&A

Sunday May 5
10AM to 5PM

PopUp Shorts Film List


Clarkson Community Centre
2475 Truscott Drive, Mississauga, ON

Admission: FREE

PopUp Shorts is hosted by the Willson Oakville Film Festival and FILMHIVE. It is supported by a Mississauga Cultural Projects Grant and Oakville Cultural Grants.


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